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Letter of intent

HI my name is Nailea Castaneda I am writing this letter because I was recommended to  the health sciences program at the University of Texas at El Paso. UTEP will give me the best opportunity to continue my education. I would also like to get a second language like French to communicate to other people. My attitude can make almost any kind of work seem fun and interesting.

The reasons I want to go to UTEP is because my sister finish her education there and I would like to finish my education there to . The have the best program of health sciences . FOR YOIUEWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

UTEP was the first college in any Southern state in the United States to integrate its intercollegiate sports programs I would like to be in the team of utep for track because is my favorite sport i would like to keep running in college I would like to have that opportunity to be in they team I would  do my 100% in college

while I loved my time there and will greatly value the skills I learned, I love to be in utep that why im writing this letter to see is important to me to go to college , i i'm dedicate to school and my sports


Letter of Recomendation

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2 years ago

Get to work Nailea!