7 Things That Could Affect Employees’ Work Performance

Did you feel that little by little your employees become rusty? Meeting deadlines, nah. More requests for deadline’s time extension! And the questions “why” and “how” always visiting your mind.

Well as you know, employees’ work performance can be seen based on the productivity and efficiency of the service that the employees made. If an employee continues to show poor performance, this could be a slap to the company. Wake-up! Something is wrong.

As for the management, it is opt to conduct several observations and investigations to track down what is the reason behind. Different factors must be considered in order to determine the roots. Below are the seven things that could affect employees’ work performance.

1. Office Interior Design. Management may not be able to notice but workplace also have an impact to them. Several studies depict that workplace can affect the mood of the employees. First stop is the color. Dull colors makes office to look lame and boring. In effect, employees tend to feel laziness. To enhance focus, concentration, and relaxation, un-stimulating colors are needed. And if you want to put some energy and excitement on your office, bold colors are recommended. Some company practice the use of some interior design Singapore based concept in renovating their workplace. Second is the office lay-out. Removing hindrances like cubicles can make employees collaborative with one another. It will now become easy for everybody to share some ideas regarding a certain project. And lastly, the amenities. Workplace is like a second home to every workers. The management must assured that they are comfortable with the building itself.

2. The Boss is Hitler. Imagine if your boss always dictates all the things that you need to do and not to do. Isn’t it suffocating and driving you nuts? Where is free-will? According to some surveys, employees’ action can be affected on how their superior treats them. For example, a boss that shows good affection with his employees receives a positive feedback than those who don’t. Showing some motivation and encouragement to your employee makes them feel that the company really needs them. A simple act of merit and appreciation had a big kickback on them by boosting their self-esteem. As a result, they are more inspired to complete their loads ahead of time.

3. Compensation. One of the major reason why employees’ performance is affected is the amount of salary they received. Probably, they think that the service that they rendered is not fitted with the compensation that they got. If they are properly compensated, then they are more willing to do their job more efficiently. A little incentive like bonuses for reaching a target sales have a great effect on employees’ performance.

5. Attitude. Are there bullies within the office? Attitude plays a great impact on every employees’ performance. Some says that emotional distress is more alarming than physical one. Words are sharp weapons that can be used to pierce anyone. If an employee is emotionally disturbed, concentration to work is hard. Another, an employee with a positive attitude can execute tasks more productively that those who don’t. Its because they are more decided to finish things up while enjoying. And also, their positive vibes can influence other employees in a nice way.

6. Skills and Capabilities. The management must practice properly use of their employees according to their job description. An employee must be assigned on a position which he can maximize his skills and knowledge. Let’s put this in a scenario. Can you put an Accountant on an Engineering field work? Apparently, the answer is NO. How that person can perform the job if he doesn't have an idea how to do it. In addition, you cannot put a very high expectation on your employee to the point that you want him to make a miracle. He is not a sorcerer.

7. Long Term Security. Many company practiced lay-off in order to save money. In this concept, the psychological impact among employees become worst. As a result, many will just focus on their second careers or part-time jobs rather than their primary job.

4. Poor Health Condition. Maybe the problem is not on the management itself, but the person. Health is obviously a reasonable factor on affecting the performance of an employee. It don’t take a rocket scientist to explain that when the person is sick, he cannot be able to focus on his task. As a result, the production will be slow down. Many companies loses productivity due to absences of its employees. According to researches, in US almost $136 billion per year were wasted due to health-related lost productivity.