My Ultimate Match

One of the qualities that is important to me is that she loves Jesus and puts him first in her life.

Another important quality is that she has to be.....

...a good cook!!

I really enjoy a variety of foods. Therefore, she has to be willing to try new foods with me.


Intelligence is very important to me. I want someone who can challenge me mentally.

Not only that but...

Honesty is an vital trait I look for in a significant other. We should be able to talk about anything.

Video Games....

Last but definitely not least, she has to enjoy playing video games . Playing video games is one of my favorite pass times, so I would like someone who can understand that.

My Parents Idea

of "The Ideal" person for me

My parents would like someone that is goal oriented. She has to have similar goals as me, so we can achieve them together.

Self Respect

My parents want someone who has good morals and values. She has to respect herself and others in order for us to have a good foundation for our relationship.


My parents say that she has to believe in God and

Family Oriented

She has to be able to treat her family right, so that she can treat others right. As a result, she will be able raise her own family in a loving and healthy environment.


Finally, she has to love me with love as big as the sea.

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