Fad Diets Done Deliciously Right

Food today is all about the latest fads. There was a time where food centered around being low fat, or was advertised as friendly to the “non-fat diet”, then it turned into the no sugar diet, or the no carbs diet. Now the new trends are gluten free or vegan. At the end of the day, all these diets began with one goal: healthy lifestyles. Unfortunately all of these fad diets have been abused and taken the opposite extreme. Gluten free diets are turning into an overload of processed food, potato starch and xanthium gum that pile up all the ingredients that my grandmother had probably never even heard of in her lifetime. A vegan lifestyle has now become an overkill of soy processed meat alternatives that are packed with preservatives. All these trending diets, which were meant to facilitate healthy lifestyles, have instead become conducive to widespread unhealthy lifestyles.

But stay tuned! Fad Diets Done Deliciously Right will be the answer to this problem. It will give you all the right recipes that will use the fad diets for what they are meant to be: Healthy, whole, and all around nutritious ingredients that produce deliciousness too!

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