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He was youngest kid growing up in a middle class family, Terry knew he would need to help pay his way through college. So, at age 14, he started a business paving driveways for neighbors and local businesses. Since then, he has worked with and led numerous businesses in diverse sectors of the economy helping to improve companies and create economic opportunity. Terry and his wife Dorothy were married in 1988 and made Virginia their home over 20 years ago because it was where they wanted to raise their children. They’ve attended St. Luke Catholic Church for two decades and have been involved in every sport, activity, and competition imaginable with their five children Dori, Jack, Mary, Sally, and Peter. And was born on Feb 9' 1957.

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Terry Mcauliffe has many roles as a governor. His main goal is to keep the economy well and healthy. This is a quote from him "To be the best place for business, we have to focus on making the Commonwealth the best in efficient government, the best in education and the best in transportation".This is the beginning of Terry’s policy platform for a stronger Virginia — outlining his vision for economic development, transportation, education, and healthcare. Throughout the campaign, we’ll update this document as we roll out additional policy. To be the best state for business we have to focus on building on the Commonwealth’s strengths while diversifying our economy. We’re faced with serious challenges as our federal government learns to live within its means, but these challenges also represent an opportunity to grow a strong and diverse 21st century economy.

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