Chris Kyle

"The most lethal sniper in American history"
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Birth/death date: April 8,1974 - February 2,2013

Five unique facts about Chris Kyle

1. His brother joined the military while Chris was in the Navy Seals.

2. Chris Kyle never went to college.  He was working on a ranch in Texas before he joined the Navy Seals.

3. Eddie Routh murdered Chris Kyle at a firing range in California.

4. Chris Kyle holds the most confirmed kills as a sniper in The Navy Seals.

5. Eddie Routh served in the military while Chris Kyle was his quadrants Navy Seal Sniper.

Family members and there relations

Chris had two kids (Daughter and Son) and a wife, Taya Kyle. His sons name was Colton and his daughter's name is Makenna. They all played an important roll in his life.  His son was very energetic and loved to play catch with his dad. Makenna  loves dresses so she liked to play dress up, and have tea parties the whole nine yards. Taya and Chris were complicated because she wanted Chris to stop after 2 tours in Iraq. Chris did not want to stop because he felt that he did not serve his countrie enough, An this meant that Chris never really got to see his kids but the time he had off.  Taya did not support or even like that he went back to do a 3 tour.

Chris Kyle and his son connor was floating in his tube on the lake.

significant events in history that affected Chris kyles life

1. The act of terrorism against the united states on September 11, 2001 in New York City.

2. The war against Iraq.

3. The Battle of Fallujah.

4. Capture and hanging of Saddam Hussein during operation Red Dawn.

5. Death of Osama Bin Laden led by Seal Team Six.


1. Chris kyle made into the Navy Seals which at the time was very rare.

2. Chris  finished all 4 tours and came back to his family in one peice and was happy to be home.

3. Chris kyle  was one of the most deadlist snipers in american hisor with several medals.

4. Chris kyle made his first sucessful books about him as a Seal and about his family.

5.  Chris Kyle has 160 confirmed kills that the pentagon counts but he has at least 220 kills.

Why was he important

1. He was awarded the silver medal as long with several others.

2. Chris served 4 tours in Iraq an saved many Iraqi civilians.

3. He killed a Iraqi that was 2,100 yards away an that kills is the longest shot in American history.

4. Chris saved group of kids held hostage in a building.

5. Chris saved many of marines and buddies of his that served with him.

Words of advice

1."I don't care how much money you get its not worth it if you not happy."(3%)

2."  i found no reason to smack a horse. Ride them until they wore out."(3%)

3. " Great way to fight a war. To defend yourself for winning."(70%)

What did you learn from this person, what was the theme of his life.

learned that don't take your life for granite, You never know what is going to happen next. The theme of his life was.He was a Navy Seal and Chris would do anything to protect and serve for his country.

Chris child hood

Chris grew up in a tiny house on a big ranch. He had a Mom, Dad, and a Brother.  Chris and his dad loved hunting so they would go ever chance they got. When he was in his teens he became interested in bull riding so he tried it. He loved bull riding, until one day he fell off and broke his arm an collar bone. He found a new job, He worked on a ranch grooming horses and stacking hay. A month or so later he decided to move to Denver he liked it an even stayed there for 2 months. He got a call from his mom and his dad was sick he caught the next flight home. When his dad got better he decided to join the Navy Seals and surprisingly he made it in an served four tours in Iraq.

His interview for his new book.

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