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biotic-living factors in an environment

animals:                                                                   plants:
bass                                                                         hydrilla
catfish                                                                 cat tail plants
walleye                                                                      algae

abiotic-nonliving factors in the environment

water                         rocks                            soil(clay based)                            sunlight
          climate (70-100 degrees fahrenheit during summer,20-40 during winter)

Carrying Capacity-The balance between the availability of habitat components and the number of animals the habitat can support.
Things animals need to survive-food,water,shelter,and space.

The population of different species can very depending on the supplies it need.For example,if the catfish eat all of the food in the pond,all of the bass,turtle,etc. would die from lack of food.There might also be the problem of space.The pond might get over stocked,cause the fish and turtles to not have shelter and an over stock of fish would deprive all of the air out of the water,causing the fish to drown

Limiting factors-Anything that affects the survival of an organism in an ecosystem.

limiting factors,can affect the population of a species.If a fishermen were to fish out half of the bass and catfish out of a pond,it would affect the population growth and would take longer for the population to grow back to normal.For the time that the population would be low,the surviving population would have more space and food to live off of.

Energy Roles-the role that organisms give energy to each other.

For example, if the hydrilla(producer) gets eaten by a minnow(primary consumer).next,a bass(secondary consumer) eats the minnow and later gets eaten by a lamprey(tertiary consumer). when the  lamprey dies decomposers,decomposers like bacteria will turn it back into nurteins and the cycle starts over.Producers are the only organisms that can make there own food and get energy from the sun.Without them,there would be no food chains or webs.

             Food webs and food chains

food webs are more realistic than food chains because they show more possible combinations than a food chain.

If you removed all of one species of an environment,the species that it fed on would thrive because its would have less predators,and the species that fed on it would have a low population due to not having any prey

Energy Pyramids

It's shaped like a pyramid because the lower on the pyramid, the more energy it has. As it goes up the pyramid, the smaller the amount energy the next organism gets. So the top predators  are at the top because they get the smallest amount of energy, and the plants are at the bottom ,which has the biggest base, because they make there own food so they get the most energy.


The chemical formula for all of the substances in a plant is CO2+H20=C6H12O6+O2.


decomposer are vital to every ecosystem because they break down the nutrients in the dead animals and plants,then put it back into the ground for the new plants to use.some examples of decomposers are worms,bacteria,and mushrooms


Adaptation is very important for plant and animals because it allows them to change to fit certain needs or their environment.
1.Gills or being able to hold breath for a long time.
2.Fast way to swim and move.(tail or fins)

Now you might ask,what happens if you move the organism to another ecosystem?well,sense the orgamism has adapted to its certain environment.It would not be able to survive for very long because it would not have any of the instincts or body function/part it would need.

Natural Selection-The process of the better adapted surviving,and the not so adapted dieing out.

Imagine a bright brownish yellow lake.All the bass are the same color as the water,As the water gets darker because of all the mud settling, few of the fish adapt and change their skin color to a darker color so that they could hide from predators,but the ones who didn't adapt were easier to spot and were killed by predators.

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