Kaitlynn Strickland

My name is Kaitlynn, I like to go to amusement parks and water parks.  This picture was taken at Cedar Point in the summer.  I have been in the schools bell choir since seventh grade.  I like to read and watch movies.  My favorite class so far is history.

3 Interesting Things

Favorite Movie

My favorite movie is Perks of being a Wallflower.  I like the story line of the movie and the actor/actress's who played the characters in the movie.  I've loved this movie ever since it came out.

Most liked TV show

My favorite TV show is Once Upon a Time.  I just started watching this when summer started and I finished it in the beginning of August.  I like the way each show is set up and the different versions of fairy tales than the ones that end with a happily ever after.

Favorite bands/singers

My favorite singer is Lana Del Rey.  I like the sound of her music better than others.  I also like Lorde's music and Twenty One Pilots.  Those are by far my favorite Bands/Singers.


One of my goals would be to move to New York City after I graduate high school.  I want to either go to college there or just move there after i go to college somewhere.  I'm not sure where I would want to go to college yet.

Another goal I have is to save up enough money to buy a car at 16.  I am going to take all the money i get for birthday, holidays, etc. and put in a savings account so when I turn sixteen I will hopefully only have a little bit more I need to save to be able to purchase a car.

One more goal I would have is to be more flexible.  I can achieve this by stretching more and more each day.  I wouldn't ever consider being a cheerleader but i do maybe want to join a gymnastics team.

Place to Visit

I would like to visit Cancun, Mexico.  It looks like it would be fun and it's out of the USA so that would be a fun experience.  My mom went there a few years ago and she is trying to plan a family trip to go there in the winter.

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