Delicious Spicy Recipes

By: K.Evans

Activity one: After graphing I determined that i would have some ingredients left over.

Red Hot Sauce: Green peppers-260 and chili peppers- 910.

Scorchin' Hot Sauce: Green peppers-360 and chili peppers- 1,040

Activity Two: I make a profit of $1.20 per pint of "Red Hot Sauce" and $1.00 on my "Scorchin' Hot Sauce" per pint. So my maximum profit of my Red Hot Sauce is 664. For my "Scorchin' Hot Sauce" the profit is 590. If you ask me I'm doing pretty well with my famous sauce business.

Activity 3: Since tomato sauce cost $1.75, green peppers cost $0.60, and chili peppers cost $0.59. I have to total up how much would each recipe cost for 1 pint.

"Red Hot Sauce"=$8.31

"Scorchin' Hot Sauce"=$9.87

Activity four: If I would want to sell my sauces to the supermarket chain I would have to make 36 pints every week. If I would like to sell it to the grocery store I would have to make 15 pints every week. If I want it at a speciality store I would have to make it 24 pints each week.

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