What A Wonderful World

           Too often in our society, we look for the big picture. Questions like "Why are you doing that?" Or "what's the value of that in the long run?" have become the norm. Rarely do we stop to enjoy the "little things", the climb rather than too of the mountain. When did the priceless  view of the mysterious ocean fall inferior to a $600 tablet? When did excited car rides merge into the overused wonder of if we have arrived yet? We as a whole have turned society into a fast paced, materialistic system. Everyone is guilty of neglecting the beauty of a flower or  forgetting the sound of the sea. We need to cherish each day, spread love throughout the world, be thankful for our families, teach our children to see the beauty in everything around them. We must learn how to dream again, to be children again, to put love first, to enjoy our careers. We need to remember that it is a good life.