Curriculum Courier

For the week of April 3, 2015


“One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes…and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Advanced Academics: Deana Harrell

Educator Evaluation

Educators should now have access to their summative document/reflection in Appraise. In order to simplify the process, we split the document into two parts so the Educator completes their piece separately from the Administrator. (Administrators can locate your portion of the summative evaluation in the summative section of Appraise.)

The last day for Educators to submit their summative reflection to their evaluators is Friday, April 24th. The last day conduct summative conferences is Friday, May 8th.

Please follow the button below to access all the resources regarding the educator evaluation tool.

The CISD Educator Evaluation 2.0 Committee will convene in May to review the process and make recommendations moving forward.

House Bill 5

Campus Principals – Action Item

If you have not already done so, please send me a name of a campus representative for the HB5 Community-Based Accountability committee, which will be convening in April.

We are completing the rubric for our campus and district evaluations this week and will provide that to you for your campus self-evaluations and for you to share with your SBDM committees.

That rubric will also go to DEIC this year in either April or May.

Love and Logic Training

The CISD counseling department is excited to offer Love and Logic Training for parents in Spanish at Denton Creek Elementary this spring. There are limited spots available. Campus counselors will begin publicizing the training to your campus’ next week. Please note the dates and times for the training below.

Spanish Love and Logic Training (40 spots available)

o April 27th - Denton Creek Library 6:00-7:30

o May 4th - Denton Creek Library 6:00-7:30

o May 11th - Denton Creek Library 6:00-7:30

o May 18th - Denton Creek Library 6:00-7:30


Elementary GTi Meetings are scheduled for the following dates/locations:

April 9th – 8:30-3:30 at Town Center Elementary

May 21st – 8:30-3:30 at Austin Elementary

June 2nd – 8:30-3:30 at Pinkerton Elementary


Counselor meetings have been set for the year. Please see the dates below.

Elementary Counselors Secondary Counselors

April 16th from 8:30-11:30 April 16th from 12:00-3:00

May 14th from 8:30-11:30 May 14th from 12:00-3:00

From CGA: Speaker Event: The student plan talk about their GT middle school experiences on Wednesday, April 1st. has been cancelled. Because we will not be able to reschedule prior to students making course selections, this event will not be held at a later date.

Social Studies/CTE: Jon-Eric Ziaer

Social Studies

As we conclude March we have been very excited to promote the many learning experiences throughout Coppell ISD that acknowledge the many achievements and contributions of Women in U.S. history as part of Women’s History Month. In addition, we also will be celebrating Texas History Month in March.

Anthony Smith CMS-East, Social Studies educator and Tennis Coach was recently recognized as WFAA-Teacher of the Month. In addition, Coach Smith was also named Teacher of the Year at East for 2014-2015.

The Social Studies Instructional Materials committee has concluded the pilot phase and we are now finalizing details for our recommendations for the Board and Dr. Waldrip in April.

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

The Business Professionals of America (BPA) chapter from CHS will be travelling to Anaheim, CA for the national competition in May. Ms. Wolfe and Ms. McClintock, BPA advisors at CHS, have done an outstanding job again this year in preparing the group.

“It’s not about getting what you want, it’s about wanting what you got!”

Assessment: Debbie Youngs


STAAR testing started a couple of hours ago, and I have already received four calls about testing irregularities. All involve a lack of active monitoring. Please remind your Testing Administrators that they need to be walking among the learners and glancing at the answer documents to make sure learners are writing their compositions on the correct day and bubbling in the right area. Thank you for your help as we try to ensure the best possible testing situation for our learners.


If you have parents ask about Kinder acceleration, the online registration form for Kinder acceleration is posted on the district website at:


3/31: STAAR 3-8 Grades 5 and 8 Reading

3/31: STAAR 3-8 Grades 4 and 7 Writing Day 2


4/3: Make-up STAAR Deadline

4/13-14: PREK Testing

4/20: STAAR 3-8 Grades 5 and 8 Math

4/21: STAAR 3-8 Grades 3, 4, 6, and 7 Math

4/21: STAAR 3-8 Grade 8 Social Studies

4/22: STAAR 3-8 Grades 3, 4, 6, and 7 Reading

4/22: STAAR 3-8 Grades 5 and 8 Science

4/24: STAAR Make-up Deadline

4/27-5/22: MAP EOY Window

Grades K-8 Reading and Math

Grades 3-8 Science

Science: Linda Cook


Elementary Science Content Specialists and Secondary Science Department Chairs will be sharing with their campus vertical teams strategies for incorporating expository reading and writing within the science classroom. Please provide a time for the campus vertical teams to meet for training and discussion.

Secondary Science Department Chairs are continuing their book study of Ken O'Connor's A Repair Kit for Grading: Fifteen Fixes for Broken Grades. I shared notes from a site visit to a high school in Frisco that implemented a new campus-wide grading system.

Elementary Principals - remember to let me know your campus' preferred FOSS rotations sequence by the end of March (as mentioned in prior emails).


The sustainability committee met last week. Many campus sustainability reps will be taking teams to present during the city's Earth Fest on April 11th from 8:00 am - 1:00 pm.

Please encourage your campus to participate in a Trash Free Lunch day in celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd. This would also be an excellent opportunity to walk or bicycle to school.

Because so many schools now have or are planning to develop school gardens, we are partnering with the Coppell Community Gardens group to provide training on school gardens and composting on May 14th. This will be an all day training. Laurie O'Neill has agreed to pay for 1 substitute for each campus. Principals, you may send additional participants if you pay for the subs. Please email Linda Cook with the names of participants for the gardening training on May 14th.


Weekly Smile

Jump Start by Robb Armstrong

Enrichment Programs: Regina Owens

Summer School Redesign

We are working and planning diligently to support our learners this summer with a focus on efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, we want to truly transform the summer experience and look forward to gaining your input and insight during our upcoming administrator meeting. To ensure the success and support learners, educators, and the campus we are creating a framework that is data driven, personalized, and result oriented. We are looking for awesome educators to support our Newcomers, Pre-K and K ESL learners, 5 and 8th grade SSI, as well as learners in need of credit recover and test remediation. Please do inform your staff of the summer opportunities. Our summer school principals are Patricia Badio for elementary and Sean Bagley for secondary. Please expect more information shortly from these leaders.

Dual Language Immersion

Our Dual Language Lottery has occurred and we have many excited learners. In addition, we have a waitlist for each grade level. If you receive learners new to the District, who have participated in the DLI program, Trish and I are excited to support. Please be reminded if they are not native Spanish speakers, they can only be accepted into the program if there is space available. All details for enrollment are outlined on our newly updated DLI district webpage.

Kindergarten and Dual Language

As you are receiving new kinder learners into your school, if they have a home language survey that indicates a language other than English, please do notify your ESL Facilitator so that we might assess the learners for service in the Dual Language program.

Mathematics: Mary Kemper

Math Coaches will meet this Thursday, April 2 at Admin at 1:00 pm.

Elementary Math Content Specialists will meet Thursday, April 9 at Lakeside Elementary in room B201 at 3:30 pm.

Opportunities for Learners through the Perot Museum: The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is accepting new students for their Discovery Corps. The students will assist educators in summer camp programs for young children and support a special summer exhibit experience. See below for more information about the Discovery Corps.

Opportunities for Educators through the Perot Museum: The Perot Museum of Nature and Science has transformed its current professional development offerings for educators through the launch of the new Kosmos Energy STEM Teacher Institute. Benefits of involvement in this institute include professional learning opportunities, a growing network of STEM education professionals, access to resources at the Museum, and mentorship opportunities. See below for more information about the Kosmos Energy STEM Teacher Institute.

Language & Literacy: Heather Cato

Stephanie Harvey Presents:

RIT 2.0 - Connecting Comprehension with Inquiry & Technology

June 24 - 26, 2015

For more information: