Simply Inclined

I can define work:

          A force of 10 NEWTONS moves an object 3 meters, A newton meter is the same thing as a joule. I personally think this is a little too much for right now. Work= Force x Distance

I can understand forces:

          Forces are like gravity, Gravity always pulls,So big and massive that it pulls on everything, Including the Earth,Even holds the ocean on the Earth's surface. Gravity is beyond our understanding


          Fire fighters use friction as they fall down, Friction is what makes your feet stay on the floor, Friction is what we feel when ever things are rubbing ageist each other, Friction is what keeps your bike on the ground and not sliding everywhere, Friction is what keeps you shoelaces tied. Friction is a wonderful thing!

Simple machines:

Simple machines are like pulleys, levers ,inclined planes, wedge, wheel and axle, screw. Simple machines are tools that can make tasks more easier.Like lets say that you were wanting to move a 60 pound chair into your kitchen from your dining room you would use a wheel and axle to move it to the other room but if you wanted to move it upstairs you would use a pulley. Fulcrums don't always sit on the ground think about a shovel.I learned a lot off of this website. It puts fun into education. Lets see if you can get 87% used and 313% not used total.