Bradan Stervinou

-España has a population of 47.27 million people

-National language is Spanish

-Capital is Madrid

-Currency is Euros

- Some neighbooring countries are Portugal and France.


Tourist Attractions

1.The Ahlambra is one of the many attractions in España. Part palace, part garden.

2. One othe local attraction is the Cuenca. It sets a marvelous example of a medieval city on a side of a steep mountain.

3. This is one of the biggest tour attractions in España. The, "Running of the bulls." At the San Fermin festival each year from July 6th through the 14th. The event inolves running in front of a dozen bulls through the course of the city streets.

Popular Foods/Drinks

An example of some populars foods in Esapña is a Chorizo. It is one of the many popular sasauges in Esapña. You can cook and make many different kinds of recipes with it.

One of the biggest drinks that tourists want to try is, "Sangria," thie concoction holds sweetened red wine, liquor and a bit of lemonade.


Spain is hot and has really dry summers and really cold winters.

Spain has vast seas that surround it such as the Mediteranean, North atlantic ocean, etc.