Want land in the New World? La Salle will give you land in the New World.

Dear King Henry XVI of France,

              My name is Rene Robert Cavelier Sieur De La Salle and I am from France. I am asking France to fund my expedition. I am planning to leave in the year 1667. I wish to sail up the Mississippi. It relates to the resources I'm looking for because animals and plants need water so they'll grow or come to the river where I'll get the furs of the animals, and maybe get sugar and tobacco from the plants that grow there.                                           I have heard that you are looking for explorer and if you choose me, I will fulfill your dreams and goals.I also know that you and France want land, fur ,tobacco ,and sugar.  If you choose me , I will make sure you and France gets a lot of furs, tobacco, and sugar because I will trade some copper with the Native Americans to get the furs, tobacco and the sugar. I will strive even more because this is what I also want( tobacco, sugar, and fur). I will also explore the Mississippi River, establishing forts and settlements on the way. Also,  I will also try to find a way to China from the New World. I will also  find a way from Quebec to the mouth of the Mississippi.I with some men will also invade some Spanish land for France.                                                                                                              I'll be better then the other ones because I know how to deal with the Native Americans, the Spanish ,and the English. To handle the conflict between us , the Spanish and the English, who are exploring North America, I will kill them. One way will be to  ambush them  in a forest. Another way  I plan to kill the Spanish explorers ,  is to put fake gold and silver in a cave ( which has a door),and when they see it they'll come inside because that's what they came to North America for. Once they're in , we'll close the door and they'll suffocate. For the English explorers,we will do the same thing except we'll take off silver and add fake wood and rocks, which is what they want from North America .  To handle the conflict between the Native Americans and us, we will trade with the Native Americans because they know the land and know how to fight in the wilderness better then we do.                                                                                                                                                   The obstacles that I would expect to find are bad navigation, Native Americans, diseases ,starvation ,and Europeans . I would overcome these obstacles by having a head navigator, assistant navigator and junior navigator and 5 sets of navigation tools. For the Native Americans, I would trade with them so they think that we’re friendly. For diseases, I would take the best medicine from France. To overcome starvation, I will trade with the Native Americans and I would pack 3 months of food supply for one month.  To beat the Europeans, I will ambush or make a trap so that they suffocate inside.                                                                                                                                                                          If you choose me I will obey and do as you say and make France the most powerful country in the world! Thank you, o brave and powerful king of France.

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