Customer: Katie, mid 20's, like the edgy look

ME: Hi there! My name is Olivia. Is there anything i can help you with?

KATIE: Hello! I'm Katie and I would love your help!

ME: Okay, what are you looking for?

KATIE: I have an event to go to for my job and there is not a dress code but I really would like to look nice.

ME: Okay so what type of look do you want to go for?

KATIE: I really like the edgier look like leather and dark colors but I love to incorporate girly touches.

ME: That is so my style and I know exactly what to show you! They have been our best seller so I will go see if we have any left! What size pant are you?

KATIE: Great! A size 2.

ME: So these pants just came in today and I think they would look great on you! They are black faux leather but they are super stretchy and comfortable. I love these because you can easily dress them up with pumps and a blazer or dress the down with a t-shirt and sneakers.

KATIE: I love those but how is the quality? Will they tear or wrinkle permanently?

ME: Well it is faux leather but the quality is great! I have my own pair and I love them. They have lasted me forever and I can hand wash them with cold water! So the care is super easy.

KATIE: Okay well they are an option but what do you have in mind to pari with them?

ME: Well considering they are black any color would look great with them but I am thinking a purple color. We have this blouse that just came in. Let me run get it.

KATIE: Great, thanks!

ME: So this is it! it is a chiffon material with a v-neck that will elongate your neck and bring the attention to your face. Also, the draping is great when you wear a skinny pant to give you volume up top. Because of the great plunging neckline, a big statement necklace would be a great finishing touch.

KATIE: I love the color and the style! Its gorgeous! Im going to go try it on!

ME: Okay I could find a necklace and some heels for you if you would like!

KATIE: Oh yes please!

KATIE: So what do you think?

ME: So gorgeous! That color looks great on you and those pants were made for you! Here are some heels. The heel height is only 5 inches so they should not kill your feet. I love the the clear thick heel because its super trendy and chic. I found this bar necklace that would bring out the silver in the shoes!

KATIE: Oh my gosh! I love it! It is perfect! Can you read my mind cause this is exactly what I wanted! But i feel like we are missing something.

ME: How about a clutch?

KATIE: Well I already have a clutch that would be perfect with this.

ME: Oh i know what you need. Let me run get it.

KATIE: Alright.

ME: Here it is. Its a vintage Hermes belt. My grandmother bought a ton of these in bulk for her business. I usually do not sell them but I know you would take care of it and plus its just too cute not to wear with that outfit.

KATIE: Wow, its gorgeous! I'll take it. Thank you so much Olivia!

ME: You are so welcome! So are you ready to checkout?

KATIE: Yes I am!

ME: Okay I will carry these to the counter while you change back.

KATIE: Thanks!

ME: Alright your total is $345.25. Debit or Credit?

KATIE: Credit.

ME: Okay now you can swipe and enter you PIN.

KATIE: Thank you so much Olivia! You have helped me so much!

ME: You are so welcome! Come back anytime! Take a picture of you whole outfit and come by to show me sometime!

KATIE: I sure will!

ME: Have a great day and a great time at your event!

KATIE: Thanks so much! Bye!