Reminders, Ideas, and Thoughts to Ponder...

Keep smiling...

Don't underestimate the power of what you do each day. It's hard, complicated work.  It matters.  It really matters for the many, many lives you have the ability to touch each day, year after year. 

If we focus on what we are thankful for, it does a lot for our spirit!

1. A revisit of our culture conversation... Personal Reflection...Honest Conversation...

- Does the culture of your classroom provide opportunities for all students to find success?

- How do you respond when the culture of your classroom rejects a learner? Would you consider yourself culturally responsive?

- Remember Mr. here if you wish to get to know him again...

2. Check out this video.  The power of our words is immeasurable.

3. What if we quit calling them students and started calling them learners?

Check out this article on the power in making this shift!

4. Send 2 staff members an email of gratitude next week.  On the day do this, you may wear jeans or warm ups- honor system.

5. Need a good laugh and some inspiration?  This video is a MUST see- "You Raise Me Up."  Two men and a dog...

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3 years ago

A few weeks ago my Grandfather died. He met me once when I was 1 years old. I only knew about him from stories from my mom and grandma. I went to his funeral to support my mom. She loved him and was close to him when she was a child. I met his other two daughters, and his other grandchildren. They all were wonderful people. My new aunts said they had changed my diaper. I was like, "Oh great nice to meet you." It was very interesting because, my mother and I had only met these people one time before almost 30 years ago, but we talked with them like we had known them our whole lives. Even though we were altogether for a sad event, my grandfather brought us together and gave all of us joy. We all laughed together, cried together and became a bigger family in one day. It was a magical time. Even now that time has passed my mom is still corresponding with her new sisters. It has brought her joy and closer. So my point is that I was thankful for the time I had with my new family. When I returned home it felt like I had come back from a family reunion. My heart felt bigger and spirit uplifted.

3 years ago

As a side note...I listened to the podcast of the 4 Questions that Brought a High School to Its Knees and it ended with a little more of the story. In an ironic twist of fate, in his late 20's, the boy in the story (Chad) had a 2,000 lb bale of hay land on his neck making him a quadriplegic. He ended up paralyzed as well and in a wheelchair. He now speaks all over the country on the topic.