The Oil Boom

by: Carolina Zayas

 People had been aware of oil for centuries before the oil boom at Spindletop but they never really had a use for it until the 1880's when railroads began using it as fuel. The supply and demand  for oil increased when many oil wells in the country began discovering and producing oil. There were many oil wells in Texas but unfortunately only produced about 10 barrels of oil a day. However a man named Patillo Higgins believed there was oil under Spindletop hill which was formed by an underground salt dome which pushed the land above it higher and higher. Higgins put out advertisements and newspaper articles that would help find geologists to help out in his discovery. A advertisement caught the attention of  Anthony Lucas. Together Higgins were able to discover oil under a salt dome at Spindletop. This well produced a lot more than 10 barrels a day.

  The discovery at Spindletop was only the beginning of many successful oil booms in the 1920's. Many states began producing oil such as Ranger, Desdemona, and Breckenridge. Oil boom cities in southeastern Texas include Batson, Goose Creek, Sour Lake and Humble.After the oil booms there were many uses found for oil/petroleum many that we use on a daily basis such as,  toothpaste, vitamins, gum, plastic, detergent, candles, Band-Aids, DVDs/CDs, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, breath mints, and hair gel.

  Due to all the oil booms in Texas the population of people, industries, and economy  grew because of all the job opportunities that were now available. Many people moved to Texas hoping to find oil and become rich.  Every day would pass by with more and more oil being produced and more and more uses for oil being discovered.The oil booms not only affected Texas economically but also socially in many ways. Many people moved in to different cities based on the amount of oil the city produces and with Texas being one of the best oil producers the population grew.

Oil also made a change in education because it helped fund public schools and universities when oil was discovered in university grounds. Money made from the oil went to the university school system. Today petroleum is still used on a daily basis we've found so many uses for petroleum you might not even notice your using it.

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