ONYC Hair Reviews - Kinky Curly Weave

Let me share my ONYC Hair Reviews with you. I am sooo pleased with my new Mongolian Kinky Curly weave. It definitely mimics my hair texture. This hair is in 24 inches!!! I love LONG curly hair!! I was immediately attracted to this hair when I saw videos on Youtube. The hair was just amazing. The hair is by ONYChair.com

As soon as I took it out of the uber cute packaging, I fell in love with the hair.

So of course when I got the hair, I prepared the hair to be installed by washing it first and deep conditioning the hair. Remember, with weave, you have to treat it like your own hair! After all, it is human hair so take care of it.

I decided to color the hair. I didn’t do the blonde that I wanted because I was afraid I would overprocess the hair because I am not a stylist and I definitely don’t know what I am doing…So I opted to do each bundle a different shade of brown. The two colors turned out beautiful to me.

Since I didn’t do the blonde shade, I ended up putting a rinse on my leave out so it can match the brown of the hair. I’m so not used to dark hair, but I like it.

So originally I got the weave done and it was double tracked instead of single (therefore I ran out of the hair much faster), so I took the hair out and….re-installed it myself…I know, sounds crazy right? I actually went to the beauty supply store, bought a curved needle and some black thread and went to work. I had never sewn hair in before, but while I was doing it, my boyfriend says “Hey! You know how to sew in hair! It looks good babe!” lol. I don’t know if he was just trying to make me feel good because I was in a time crunch (after waiting 3 hours at a salon to get it re-sewn in ..ugghh!!). I had somewhere to be so with the cornrows in my head and my leave out…I had no choice but to either sew it in myself or take out the braids and be back at square one. So I said “Why not?”

I absolutely love this hair. There are so many things I can do with the hair. To top it off, the hair has very minimal shedding. I maybe have had like literally a strand or two when washing or combing out. I have had similar hair from a different brand and it was just all over the place. I am SOOOOO happy (and my boyfriend is too) that this hair isn’t shedding and all over the house lol.

I will be back to share different hairstyles and even roller setting, etc…I will keep this in for a month and will also be doing product reviews with this hair

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