What is an American?

Poor immigrants come to America for better men. Working in farms, being equal, faithful, propriety, and becoming part of the family. His heart glows, shares sheaves with "God of Harvest," then his self. He success, leaves prejudice, manner, and becomes an American.

" He is become a freeholder, from perhaps a German boor - he is now an American, a Pennsylvanian, an English subject. He is naturalized, his name is e

The Picture of Captain Hero represents all people who migrated to the United States for economic opportunities. For instance, a french immigrant from named John Crevecoeur came to New York. It was a mixture of English, Scotch, Irish, French, Dutch, and German who came to the United States. Crevecoeur explains the process how immigrants became successful. They first arrived without intentions, and views as well. He formed schemes and embarks in designs. The Europeans became Americans dealing with their everyday lives. They became strong and powerful like Captain Hero. They worked with farmers, their wages were high, and behaved propriety and faithful to be part of the family. Like Captain Hero he saves people, well John shared his sheaves before himself. He gave it to the needy of "Gods Harvest." and churches, and in fact the Government too. John won to be American just like Captain Hero became an Hero.

The song "Party in the USA," made me relate to this situation for example for John he no sooner breathes our air than he forms schemes, and embarks in designs like he never thought he would do in his Country just like Miley Cyrus when she came out of the taxi she didnt know they were going to have a party in the U.S. Also, everyone was staaring at Miley when she had her boots on just like when you see someone rare in your country youll start to notice their not from the place you are from. Both indivisuals of both nations are melted into a new race of character.

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