ESL/English Rules and Requirements

We are going to be spending quite a bit of time together and in order for things to go smoothly I though you should know the following:


Since this is ESL Class, you will be required to speak in ENGLISH. I love that you all come from different places and speak different languages but it is important for this class that we express our thoughts and feelings in English. Or else there would be no point to ESL. For both ESL and English students, please keep your language appropriate. There is nothing more irritating or awkward than having to listen to stories that I don't really need to hear.

Mutual Respect

Mutual respect means that I respect you and your respect me. It goes both ways. and that goes for all sorts of things. Showing up for class is showing respect (I promise to be here), doing your work ON TIME and for me, I will hand back marked work as soon as I can, etc...

Effort Matching

I will match the effort you put in. For example, if you put in 100% effort (effort, not marks) I'll do the same. If you're putting in 25% then that what I'll be putting in as well.

Important Memes to Keep in Mind

Communication is Key

I don't know what you're thinking so if there are things going on at home or in other classes that are preventing you from being here mentally or physically 100% you need to let me know. Or else, I'm just going to be annoyed that you're never here. And then I'll feel bad when I find out the reason you're absent/never handing in work/etc...

The Rest Is Stuff You Should Know...

Show up for class on time. And in uniform.

Don't be disruptive-- just because you're not in the mood to learn, doesn't mean every one else feels the same way

There will be ample time give to complete work in class. 'Miss, I'm going to do it at home is not an option'

Which brings me to....

Hand in work on time! I don't like chasing you for assignments and I doubt you enjoy being nagged

This will be a fair class (read: not easy) as long as you show up and hand in the work.

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