Advances in Food Genetics

         Have you ever heard people say to wait until something is 'in season' even though you can go to the store and get it right at that minute? There is something about our food that you probably don't know about.

          There was a time not that long ago when fruits and vegetables weren't at your local grocery store all year round. The reason they are now is because scientists and farmers can now make food grow whenever and however they want to. There are different ways they can modify food.

1) Make it grow faster

    Farmers also spray their crops with pesticides to keep bugs and other pests (hence the name pesticides) from eating and killing the crops. Once again, you are still eating food that consumed chemicals at some point in its life.

2) Pesticides

     Farmers have been injecting their crops with special hormones to make food grow faster even when it's not in season. Since food can't grow all year round, it won't be the correct size. So, in order to make it look "normal" all year round, farmers inject the crops with chemicals to make it bigger and grow faster. But if you think about it, who would want to eat food with a bunch of chemicals?

3) Make animals fatter

   This is probably the saddest one out of everything. They feed animals food with antibiotics, so they will grow faster and so they are overweight. Because when people go to the grocery store, they would rather have a five pound chicken then a 3 pound chicken, right? Well I wouldn't, because the meat is full of hormones and antibiotics.

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2 years ago

well organized. Good job. It seems you learned a bit more about gmos. Thanks for sharing what you learned.