The Persians vs the Greek soldiers and the gladiators

This is fake. There are photos of both below.
By: Robert Hayden

this is a gladiator there will be a army of them along with the Greeks

these are Greek soldiers they will fight with an army of gladiators

this is a Persians soldiers there will be an army of the persians

The battle will begin at Thermopylae and the battle will end in Thermopylae .

what will happen in between well the Persians will have the first attack with there world famous bow and arrow. The image below is an image of the arrow head that the Persians used.

but the Greeks blocked by putting there copper shield up over there heads. Only 30 gladiators died the rest of them hid behind the shield of a Greek. From then on the Greeks and the gladiators were at a rageing war with the persians

They had multiple wars the gladiators were sent out in waves along with the Greeks. It was one long blood bath of thousands of Greeks, Gladiators and Persians. in the end the Greeks and gladiators won many of them dead thou but the freedom was well worth it.                                                                               The End  

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