Children, the most precious thing in the world

Many children in the world don't have parents, homes, or food provided to them at all, many of them are either in africa or europe.

Me, coming from a fantastic family, wonder why are these kids not able to live their life to their desire, or drive their dreams wherever that may be, in  the the Bible it states that children are the most precious thing in Gods eyes. Is it that he is just to busy with the world or is it because he is testing their strength and faith in him.

As i said before many children have no or little bedrooms in the world and that is absolutely terrible to think out when i myself have two bedrooms to sleep in and they don't it finally made e realize that my parent have sacrificed a lot for me and my brother, like to get chocolate ice cream when she is severely low on money, or my dad singing me to slee when i was scared of sleeping at his house. Those kids don't have the chance to do that at all, all they have is themselves.