Katie's poetry folder

The Important Thing

The important thing about the Chinese health ball is they are one of the three treasures of China.

It makes a sound when you shake it.

They are pretty.

But the important thing is it is one of the three treasures of China

I Come From

I come from playing with my dog.

I come from dyeing Easter eggs.

I come from warm summers BBQ.

I come from New York.

I come from carving pumpkins in fall.

I come from loving animals.

I come from watching fireworks on the 4th of July.

I come from fishing on big lakes.

I come from painting colorful paintings.

I come from decking the halls on Christmas.



playful, waging tail

sleeping, happy, hungry, soft

loving, kind, puppy.


Kind to others

Animal lover

Team Cardinals are the best

I like to play basketball

Enjoy reading


There was once a penguin named Fly.

And he would watch the clouds flout by.

He flew in the sea but that isn't where he wanted to be .

He wanted to fly in the sky.

Diamond Poem


feathery, sweet

singing, tweeting, flying

robins, cardinals, dwarf, lop-eared

hoping, hearing, smelling

fuzzy, loving


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