The Motto of Elysium



The Constitution of Elysium


The name of this country will be ELYSIUM.


The purpose of this country is to remain stable and keep order and peace among civilians.

We exist only because we believe anyone can achieve greatness while also respecting that the government will always be in control.


We require citizens to respect and obey the law while also achieving high expectations they put for themselves.We challenge civilians to push themselves past their limits and work harder to get more money, then send a donation of 40% every paycheck to the government for providing you with opportunities.


The great and power kosh is in charge of anything and everything in elysium kosh will remain the leader. we will keep this government in the favor of the people. those who are apart of the high council go through tough training and if they they try to cross us we will sentence them to death.


We promise to provide citizens with materials to build their residence. Are responsibilities as a government is to serve in the publics interest. we as the government will serve in the publics interest. we as the government will promise peace and quality throughout the land. all we ask from the people is to follow all of the rules


1. we will give money to the people every month in which there in reasonable amounts

2. those who not to obey the government will be showed the true path of life

3. we will not accept those who decide to disobey the rules in result will be cleansed

4. military enforcers will be issued to areas where the law needs to be enforced

5. elysium will do anything in its power to destroy terrorists and will enforce

6. enforcers are allowed to do whatever needs possible to track down and destroy threats

7. there is no ā€œIā€ we means ā€œIā€ everybody is together

8. public jobs will pay less due to the fact of not obtaining an education

9. everybody has to give something to the community carry your own weight

10. no sexual type of conduct will be accepted


public education will be provided while taxes will pay for public schools. private schools are supposed to payed by the parents. those who will not gain an education will be then forced to apply to public jobs and serve a max of 20 years to a single job.


the eagle represents freedom and uniqueness while the blue represents the blood spilled by our enforcers. the black represents our enforcers walking through the valley of death while the white in the eagles eye represents valor


the name of our figurehead is kosh the great he is our wonderful beautiful god. he is the great founder of this beautiful land we call home.


Kosh is seen as a hero tothe people he has been able to the lift the people out of their darkest stages and bring light. Kosh is able to but a smile on our peoples faces with just a wave of the hand. Our leader is strong and will never stand down.


  • Kosh was born in 1984 in a small little town of El Paso he had been raised by a single mom. Kosh at the age of six had participated in cobra battles that in which he had battle cobras to the death. Kosh had never lost a battle to the cobras ever day he had won he would cut of the head of the cobra with his bowie knife and made a necklace of cobra heads. at the age of twelve he had joined the army and became a sniper he had killed some many everyday that the enemy feared coming into his sight he had retired from the army at the age of sixteen the amount of kills Kosh had gained was around 4,000 kills. kosh was then named the most deadlyest sniper that every lived but during war he took a bullet to his leg in which in the heat of battle he grabbed his bowie knife stabbed it into his leg and took out the bullet. At seventeen he was looking for a place to settle until the war against the united states broke out. the army asked if he can lead there troops to battle they gave him him the rank of master chief. kosh devopled a plan that had the army in amazment, he decided to flank the enemy and had won the war. kosh had went into history as the best master chief that every lived. he decide to serve the army for five more years, when he left the army he decide there had to be a country out there they had values such as balance and respect. then he traveled the world looking for the best place to build his country's foundation. he decided to not waste his time on earth but built a rocket ship out of spare parts he found in the trash. he travel to mars and developed a system that supplys oxygen to mars and then thats where we began

elysium national anthem

we walk these halls knowing that we could be dead but instead we stare to his eyes and see not to fear but to stay strong we stay strong and united we won't leave you anytime we just wait for the time until we are needed ready to defeat those who try to climb our walls we will be ready for any call

we stand steady not afraid to rock the boat not afraid to lose it all we will stand together as one ready for anyone that comes we are ready until the night of day

we are prepare to lose it all to serve the true one we love the one who granted our freedom we are ready to fight till dusk and lose it all

brother and sister come to arms ready to serve the one we call our mighty king

the cleanser

this is spoken between to the officers it is a beautiful room that can make all the people in the world change from the bad to the great. we are able to change those who are breaking rules that hurt all of our morals the cleanser keeps people clean and their actions cleaner. this room helps people find their true and only self help them to figure out the true path in life. the process is very swift and delicate it helps to guide the the infected with true morals of the council and then enforce the rules. step one is to figure out the problem then try to figure out a solution to the problem if the problem cannot be identified their will be an attempt to give the problem more time. step one is to figure out the solution the the problem if the solution is to explore the mind and take out the defect it will be done to ensure that the insured of our society will be clean and defect free. the third and most important step is to insure  that the loyalty to the council is secure and not going to break the bond between the mighty o powerful kosh. at the end of all the steps then the test of loyalty will be applied and citizen must be able to give up anything to our powerful kosh. throughout all of the testing certain items will be brought forward to the subject he must be able to pick with his own hands want he will give up to the council. all the subjects must pass all the test the enforcers give to the subjects failure to pass test or does not cooperate will result to a automatic redo of the course. the subject will be put through many tests if he is willing to prove himself to the council then the subject will be granted freedom but under watch of the enforcers for the following year. if all else fails and the subject has not made any forward progress it will result it the cleansing this technique is used if all else fails and is for the few who are sick and twisted. this cleansing process is hardly practiced but when it is need it is used by professionals that undergo years of training and help tap into the brain and to then to destroy the source that is fueling the wickedness inside of the subject. any rule broken will result to the the cleansing and will not be relieved until the wickedness is crushed out of the mind.

by miguel alvarado

and ben alvarado

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