Lydia Smith's Digital Portfolio

Front Yard Sessions- I love the colors, and the tree in the corner pulls the photo together and makes it look complete.
Christmas- Unfocused Christmas lights. When I look at this I think of how the holidays feel.
I was photographing a church's Halloween event and I got this photo of a cute old woman hanging out with a reaper. It's ironically cute
While photographing a church's Halloween event I caught a glimpse of this cute little guy. You can see how much fun he's having.
Two freshman girls. Could have been a better photo without the legs in the background, but it was focused very well.
Princess- I like this photo because of the focusing, the background blurring, and the kid is cute.
First time I ever manually focused water. Taken at the arboretum.
This is a flower.
Sky- The soft colors and soft lines of this photo make it feel calm. The trees in the foreground add depth to the photo and complete it.

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