Al Capone

Alphonso Gabriel knowns as Al Capone was born January 17, 1899 in Brooklyn, New York City.  Al died January 25, 1947 in Palm Island, Florida from Syphillis.

Al Capone was a seriously lapsed Catholic.  He was a capitalist and a Machiavellian.  He profited off the prohibition of alcohol and bought the Chicago government that protected his interests.  

Raised in Williamsburgh section of Brooklyn, NY.  Al is the 4th of 9 of his mother children of italian immigrants.

Al Capone grew up in a Catholic School.  Al was kicked out for assaulting his teacher afterwards, he met Johnny Torrio who taught him the ropes like maintaining a respectable front.  Al joined Torrio's 5 Point Gang.  Torrio moved to New York City to help run Jim Colosimo's Cartel.  Al became a major gangster in the Prohibition Era and got the nickname Scarface.  Then Torrio sent for Capone to come to NY weeks later Jim Colosimo was murdered.  Many believe Frankie Yale or Al Capone was responsible.  Jim Colosimo death marked the rise of Johnny Torrio to take over the Cartel.  Al and Torrio were in danger as a brewery deal went wrong.  Torrio then placed a hit on O'Banion who sends hits for him, Torrio leaves the business to Capone and retires in Italy.

Al Capone Bartended, Waitered, and was a bouncer before becoming a crime boss and a killer.  

Al highest grade of education was the 6th grade.  He married Mae Coughlin extending the name to Mae Coughlin Capone.  Capone friends were Johnny Torrio, Frankie Yale, Claud Maddox, Willie Heeney, and Frankie La Porte.  

" You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone."

Net worth is 1.3 billion | Wore a 11.5 Carat Diamond Ring | Got nickname Scarface from being slashed across his face from mouth to ear.