European Exploration  Proposal

Dear King James,
              I Na'ilah Williams, a citizen of England would like to ask you King James I of England to fund my expedition to the west in search of gold, spices, new materials, and more.  I know you are thinking "Why should I fund your  expedition?" I am sure as the king you would want to know why you should fund my exploration.

The Year I Want To Leave For Expedition

                1616 is a great time for exploring new land in the west. There are no other explorers traveling at that time, therefore you wouldn't have to worry about war over wanted land.

What I Could Find Our Do In New World

                  King James, if you let me go on this trip I could bring back so many things that England needs. I know that there is a lot we can find for our country.  The people can find gold, natural resources, and we can trade with the Indians I heard lives there. I could also  spread Christianity to all of the Indians.

Some Things That I Would Like To Find

                 I also have things that I would like to find on this expedition to survive here and wherever I settle. gold, spices, clothe, food that can be grown/ harvested in England, and building materials.

Why I Chose These Resources

                    I chose these resources because it is easy to trade off for better resources, and I can also use them for building houses, making food, and making resources to kill prey. Without this stuff I don't know how we will survive in this unknown place.

The State I Want To Settle In

                  I am going to settle in California. California has great weather and agriculture for crops to grow. There are beaches filled with crabs, lobsters, fish, and clams, so I can fish for those. California also has a lot of palm trees in some areas.
           This is convenient to our resources because we can grow all of our fruits, vegetables, and herbs for spices. The wood can help us start a fire to cook the raw seafood, and we can build shelters with it. The palm trees also come with coconuts, that is a great form of food and milk. There is a lot of things that make California a good place to live  in.

Other European Countries and What They Are Looking For

                France and Spain are the two other European countries that are exploring for the same resources we are. Gold, natural resources, trade, and Spread Christianity for empire and belief in superiority of Own culture.

How I Would Handle Conflict between Natives and Other Europeans

              I would trade with the Native Americans and become friends with them, as I slowly brainwash them into Christianity. With the other Europeans, We will fight for the land we deserve.

Hardships During Exploring New World

           I know that the people and I are going to go through hardships during the expedition. I am prepared for the dirty water, broken down shelters, diseases, and lack of food. In order to fix these hardships I am coming with purified water and water purifier, good shelter materials and building supplies, medicine, and food to serve the universe.

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