Hallows eve

Brief History: My culture is called Halloween the founder of my culture Jack Skullington in October 29th , 1913 anyone can find the culture of Halloween in the country of Transylvania in the town Halloween Town. Our founder Jack Skullington made a culture song for our culture and town called "This is Halloween" and our culture dance.

Religion: In my cultures religion are taught to pray out loud as they walk through the forests in order that the souls of the dead might find comfort in order to remind their congregants to remember the dead on All Hallows' Eve .When worshipers would prepare themselves with prayers and fasting prior to the feast day itself. After the service, "suitable festivities and entertainments" often follow, as well as a visit to the graveyard or cemetery, where flowers and candles are often placed in preparation for All Hallows' Day.

Education: The education in my culture is 6 days of school but for elementary is 7 years , middle school is for 2 years , and for high school is 3 years, and for breaks is either a day or for a week.

Security: The security in my culture is really protective and very strict which means that if rules are not followed they will be punished depends how the rule was broken. The protection of our culture is very important to use if anything happens to anybody they will try to help you in anyway possible.

Language: Our language in my culture is basically is only is English, and Spanish and really doesn't have any significant to my culture.

Relationship to family: The relationship between family and friends is very respectful between each other. All members in the family have to live together but when the oldest get to the age of 19 they can leave the house if they want. Divorce is legal in the culture of Halloween. The relationship between parents and children have to respect each other if their is any abuse the kids will be taken away.

Creative Expressions: Some games traditionally played at Halloween are forms of divination. In All Hallows' Eve celebrations during the Middle Ages , these activities historically occurred only in rural areas of medieval Europe and were only done by a "rare few" as these were considered to be "deadly serious" practices.


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