End Of Year Project

            Persuasive Essay

The world needs good people because we can have a balanced world and our community can be so much safer. So tell me what do you want your world to be like? If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy the most probable explanation is that were made from different perspectives. It’s important to view the differences and how we interpret things and how they are being done.

Having a balanced world with positive vibes and a successful society we can grow our community even larger. If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies. With a positive living world there would be more possibilities to prosperity. No matter the obstacles you take there’s always going to be ups and downs. This brings us to a conclusion where we need to find our self in the position we are in right now. Therefore, handing responsibilities is a part of life and it brings happiness and satisfaction if we are able to manage them well. At any given moment of time there is only one appropriate thing to do. This is scaling out the roles we play in life.

So why did I bring up a safer community? Well there are lots of things one can do to help in everlasting life against evil, and to make the world less dangerous. We are trying to prevent from a dangerous world. Specifically, we need more safety and less violence. We have to keep our people in demand and take a stand. There’s a big amount of poor people. A little amount of rich people, making an unbalanced society. We often use socioeconomic status as a mean of predicting behavior. There is many that judge but once in a while we all mess up. But the problem now is we have to put a stop to it.

Finally, the society could change with more good people, it can help weed out the evil on this earth and create a more peaceful world of relaxation and harmony. Together as an expanding community we are to bring a safe environment so all the people can help the ones in need and the wealthiest can even out the poor to become a healthy growing world. It’s crazy that good people spend their time fighting the evil. But if they would only expand the same amount of energy loving all their fellow friends, family, neighbors, etc… making a word that is unbeatable.


Destiny Lujan


3702  Destiny Point Dr.


Objective: To serve and care for people of this community. I was taught to be responsible and to be organized. To help out with anyone in need I would be glad to be hands on. I began qualities and actions in my personal life would prove me successful in the field of nursing. I love taking care of people and making sure they are put in the best position.

Education: 2012-2014 Lujan Chavez Elementary School

2013-2014 Puentes Middle School 

2014-2015 El Dorado 9th Grade Academy

List of Accomplishments : ~Have A & B Honor Roll ~Top # 1 for my choir competition ~ Accomplished my first city team In 5th garde

Experience: I've been a babysitter for so many people its not even funny. I was recommended to be a caring person and to keep the kids engaged. I love taking care of anyone its my passion to be hands on and to protect them and make sure that their all perfect the way they came at first.

Skills: My career choice is to be a nurse. Its one of my main options, I would love to make sure that everyone is in goods hands. I have many skills I'm good at mutli tasking. I have a fast learner and can take any challenge.

        Letter of Recommendation

May 15, 2015

To Whom it may concern: I would like to recommend Destiny Lujan as a candidate as a position with your organization. Destiny is an amazing outgoing student she's always willing to go the extra mile. I have many overall track records of good behavior. Her grades have been excellent of A & B honor roll. She's very organized, responsible, and presents herself in a professional manner. Desrinys meets her assignment deadlines and has a good attendance record.

                          Letter of Intent

Destiny Lujan

3702 Destiny Point Dr.

El Paso, Texas 79936


Dear Kaitlin Gonzalez,  I want to apply for a position as a nurse. I have good communication, leadership, collaborating and organization skills. I will be glad to show you the skills I have for this position. I'm ready to help you improve your business and help you expand a growing community.  I am willing to do anything to apply for this job. I have been working in many jobs as a certified nurse assistance at Pebble Hills Nursing Home. I am a very independent person, I am a person to rely on if you ever need anything advice wise. I feel this position is what I want to enter for I'm also convinced that my skills that are being practiced can help you and your workers succeed for your vacancy. I work well with others and I am very hands on. I have a nursing degree, CPR certification. I have increased my nurse retention at my last job and I am confident I can do the same for the employee organization. Thank you for your time and consideration and I hope I have the opportunity to get in touch with you. If you have any further more question please contact me at my cell phone number (915)226-5027

Sincerely, Destiny Lujan

                      Job Application

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