The Help

                                                         By Kathryn Stockett

The Help

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The help is a story that takes place during WWII and the huge segragation dilemma in The United States. For Aibileen, living in her time as a black woman in Jackson, Mississippi is very hard. Blacks are segragated from the whites during this time. For Aibileen, she works as servant for a white family and takes care of the familys daughter Mae Mobley. As her and a few other servants working in the house, may struggle with the problems thrown at them; From family friends to racism.

This song describes a big asset in the book because it describes the civil rights issue on the black in 1960's. Which is exactly what the timing is in the noevel 'The Help'

This song can also help describe the issues of society back then. Its about everyone coming together with blacks and whites coming together. It teaches that people can be epual and good to each other, which is exactly what Aibileen tries to teach Mae Mobley.

"I LOVED this book. I mean I LOVED this book. I could not put it down, and when I had to, I was thinking about the characters and could not wait until I had time to read again.

I grew up in the South in the 60's and my whole neighborhood had housekeepers or "Help". We had someone who worked for us, we called her Nursey, and she was my friend, and my caretaker. After my parents got divorced, she was my rock. This is way to personal, but my stepmother was a witch, and when I think what Nursey had to put up with to stay with me and my sisters, to help take care of us, I just don't know how to express it. She did not leave because of us kids. This book gave me so much to think about and brought up so many feelings, so many good, and so so many not so good.
I'm grateful when I think about the last conversation I had with Nursey before she died, I was married already, living out of town, and I talked to her on the phone. I was able to tell her I loved her and to say thanks for everything she did for me. Was it enough, did it matter? Who knows, but I'm glad it was said.
This is such a beautifully written book, so absorbing..and I don't know how else to describe it. But I do want to say thanks to Ms. Stockett for this wonderful book, that even though I closed it the other day, I cannot quit thinking about.
By the way, I read this on Kindle, and I have decided to buy a hardback copy as well to put on my bookshelves with all my other favorites. I find it hard to believe this is her debut work, I look forward to whatever else Ms. Stockett has to offer us, she is a wonderful storyteller."

"I was lucky enough to come across an advanced reader copy of this book. Set in Mississippi during the civil rights movement, the story is narrated by the three principal characters...Minny and Aibileen, two black maids, and Miss Skeeter, a young, white woman newly graduated from college. The characters are wonderfully developed, as are the historical background and setting. As each character took her turn at narrating, she became my favorite character until the next one took over again.I was torn between not being able to put the book down and not wanting it to end."


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i recommend this book to elders and young adults. I wouldnt idealy say this is for a veryy young audience. Though, I think anyone who WANTS to, SHOULD. Because nobody can tell you what you can and cant read. I'm almost 14 and read this book, I thought it was great!

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I love the movie!!! I need to read this book!