Game Night's Here

Marcus Chartrand 4/16/2014

It was dark night and the lights burned bright,
The fans were excited and warm in their seats.

The music was the show,
As we were getting ready to go.

We were in the locker room ready for the game,
Our hearts pounded to the sound of the base.
the coaches go over our plays from the last two days.

As we enter the ice the fans are screaming and yelling,
I have butterflies in my belly,
I hope we are ready.

We skate to the puck as hard as we can,
And feel the rush of the ice and steal the puck from whoever we can.

As we hit and we shove,
The games in the goalies glove.

Now it's time, I've got to go,
See you all after when were all covered in snow.

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