How to join the swimming team
By:Chase Mick

The first step

  You need to have arm strength, leg strength, back strength, and flexibility
Have you ever heard of F.I.T Frequency Intensity Time that means you need to know how long to work for what pace and how hard.

If you want on the swimming team you need arm strength so for the schedule you could exercise on Monday and Tuesday work for at least a half an hour a day not to hard but not to slow either week you could lift weights do pull ups and a lot of other things.    

If you also need leg strength you could start jogging for at least a half an hour on Thursday for two weeks now you don't need to go that far just jog around the block or if your in the country you could jog in the woods.  

For flexibility you could stretch for 15 minutes a day and on the weekends you could work for 30 minutes them days when you stretch you don't need to be doing it for an hour or so.   

After that you are bound to get onto the swimming team remember F-frequency I-intensity T-time that's all you need to know good luck

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