Social Concept

What is Social Concept?

Social Concept is the image that we give ourselves based off of our own thoughts or what other may think about us. Our social concept can be negative or positive, however most of the time is is not accurate with the true identity of ourselves. Social Concept can mainly be seen on social media, considering social media is now a place where mainly teenagers are constantly rating each other. Instagram is a great example due to the fact that people post pictures of themselves, and the more comments/likes they earn on a picture, the prettier, or more handsome someone may believe they are. Therefore, what others think of us on Instagram fully effects the way we see ourselves. If one takes a selfie with their hair down and gets many likes and comments, then takes another selfie a week later but instead has her hair in a ponytail and does not get many likes at all this girl may believe that she does not look good with her hair up.


Over the past year I have learned many things about myself. I've learned that I am an open-minded person and I have not developed many strong opinions on topics in the world, and that is okay. This will not mean that i will be manipulated into thinking one way or another. This means that I can openly choose whatever side I would like without opinions getting in my way.

I have learned that I can generally talk to anyone and I don't have to be afraid anymore. People are the same as me and I should not look at them any higher than I am. We are all floating in this fish tank of high school together and we are all trying to figure out who we are and what type of person we would like to become. Therefore, along the way, trying to put on an act will not gain you any friends. Being genuinely crazy can get you a lot farther than being standoffish towards others.

I have learned that I am an Aquarius and I could not be more proud of that.

I have learned that relationships between my friends and seem to only continue to grow stronger and it's completely okay to have guys as friends. Guys are just as easy to talk to as girls and they can be much more emotional to. They too have problems and they don't like to be criticized, just like anyone else.

I have learned that Pisces are clingy, emotional, and super confusing, but they are actually their when you need them and will always help you even if you aren't on the best of terms with them. I have learned that fire signs are literally just like their name states and they are firecrackers, but they keep conversation alive and are some of the funniest people ever. I have learned that Aries love to argue and prove that they are right but always want to joke and laugh and have a good time no matter what. I have learned that Geminis can be very confident, which is not a bad thing (most of the time), and they're actually children that have yet to grow up.

Most importantly I have learned that I am a problem solver. I don't like arguing, nor fighting, or anything that makes people upset. I like to go with the flow and if somethings interrupting that flow I feel the need to fix the problem. I enjoy seeing everyone happy because I believe that everyone deserves to be happy no matter what.

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