EDU 210 Module 9 - mLearning in the K-12 Classroom


From: http://www.storyboardthat.com/articles/education/writing/creating-parodies

ASSIGNMENT: Investigate the impact of technology on the modern day's murder mystery. Decide in a PDF of your online work, how the first murder mystery (Hamlet) is similar and different from today's crime stories. Has technology been a driving force behind these changes? How would this story play out today? Please use one or more of these apps to enhance your presentation.

APP #1: Audioboo

What is this? Audioboo is available as a website and mobile app, which allows users to record and upload their own audio onto the internet/their computers.

How can it be used? This app allows students to add recordings to their presentations to free up pages from monotonous and cluttered text. Create a collage of images and lead through them with recordings.

APP#2: bubbl.us

What is this? Bubbl.us is an  app which allows for the fast, online creation of mind maps either individually or with collaborators. This accessible website helps students to make their own word maps and think tanks

How can it be used? The assignment entails that there be some comparison and contrast between at least two works. Using this app, you can make a beautiful venn diagram which can illustrate your main points, which can then be elaborated with the previous Audioboo app.

APP #3: findingdulcinea.com

What is this? findingDulcinea is the website for finding online reference material. This material is not necessarily all scholarly and subjected to peer review, but the site can act as a great place to start research. At least its information may be more reliable than the community-editing Wikipedia.

How can it be used? This database can be used as a place to find references on some of the more obscure technologies of the Elizabethan era when Shakespeare was writing. Your assignment asks about comparing technology, and can only be helped by using some of the research techniques developed in class to acquire information on Danish family hierarchies and determiners of foul play.

APP #4: Socrative

What is this? Socrative is a mobile app which connects students to a student-response system. It allows students to answer questions using their personal devices, which can be tracked and reviewed by the teacher.

How can it be used? This app can be used as a question-answer period after the giving of the presentation to the class. It is good for students that are shy because the presenters can just give the pre-made questions and answers are anonymous. But, the teacher can still monitor responses for propriety the number participating.

APP #5: mobl21

What is this? Mobl21 is an app that helps educators create content that their students access from most mobile devices. It allows students to study at their own pace rather than waiting for content. Access becomes instant and mobile.

How can it be used? This app is less for the student project, although it, too, can be used to format a project. Also, there is the option of creating learning groups where the class is separated into sections and presents amongst themselves certain concepts that everyone needs to know. They can disseminate their notes to everyone after so that there is less furious note-taking during the presentations. Even when designed for teachers, technology finds a way to become more flexible than even it was intended to be.

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