Teenage Delinquency

Teenage delinquency in the 1950’s was the first time that teenagers really rebelled to the thought of conformity. When this first started happening adults didn’t know what to do because this hadn’t happened before. Caulfield in the catcher and the rye is the perfect example of teenage delinquency. Holden Caulfield is the perfect example of this because he is constantly swearing and saying “goddamn”, smoking and “flunking” out of school. Back in the 1950’s the word “goddamn” was seen as a bad word, this helps put the example of teenage delinquency because they want to do and say what they want. In the novel J.D Salinger does question/ challenge the idea of teenage delinquency because Caulfield says numerous times that he’s “lonely”. This could mean that he’s lacking the adult guidance that he requires. Also he is possibly doing thing because he just wants the attention that everyone requires.

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