Supervisor: Fernando
Writer : Susana


We are going to talk about our class ``ambitions´´. 27 studentts would like to go to University. In personal ambitions,17 students would like to get married , but other 10 students don´t want to .
In other hand, 19 students are going to have any children and 8 students don´t.
Where students want to go in the future:

Miami-2 students.
Roma-4 students.
Santorini-1 student.
Sevilla-5 students.
California-1 student.
England-1 student.
Japon-2 students.
USA-3 students.
London-2 students.
Argentina -1 student.
Finlandia-1 student.
Scotland -2 students.
Germany-1 student.
Madrid-1 student.

These students , or the majority ,wil go to these places because the 75% think that they won´t find a work in Spain.

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