Selfie. Week #1 I added the night vision filter.
What Makes me smile. Week #1. I used the tilt shift filter
Bright Colors. Week # 2. I used heat ma filter.
Dinner. Week #2. I used the Art poster filter
From a high angle. I used the kaleidoscope filter.
Low Angle. I used the kaleidoscope filter.
Black and white. I pixelized it.
A mess.I used the tri-tone filter
What i will miss most about RMS. I used the halftone filter
The ocean. I used the gradient filter.
Shoes. I used pixels and gradient filters.
From a distance. I blurred the picture.
My hero. Jason Veritek. I used the noise filter
Child Hood Memory. I used the sharpen and the pixel filter.
Something I Made. It is my friend Jake's hair, on a player he is obsessed with, Jeff Teague.
Someone I love. I love Pit bulls. I used the glamour glow filter.
Childhood Memory. I used the mimicHDR filter
Night Sky. I used the pointalize filter
Sunset. I used the tritone filter.

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