This course is a yearlong class that focuses on the structure and processes of the United States political system and fundamental economic concepts.  

Particular emphasis is placed on the US Constitution and how it impacts the three branches of government.  Significant time and discussion will be given to current issues at the national, state, and local levels which will reqqure students to research and articulate different points of view.

Each student is requied to pass the United States Constitution, the Missouri State Constitution, and complete the End of Course (EOC) Government Exam provided by the state.


Ramey, Richard C. (2008).  United States Government: Democracy in Action.  McGraw Hill.

Government is also exploring the use of Open Educational Resources.  This allows us to explore resources online, outside of a traditional text.  These resources will be linked to students through my BlackBoard site.

Classroom Expectations

  • Follow my instructions.
  • Be ready to participate in a way that is positive & constructive.
  • Respect the opinions of others.  You are welcome to disagree with each other; but, you will do it in a respectful manner.
  • No food or drink in the classroom unless otherwise instructed.  We have students with life-threatening food allergies.  Water bottles are permissible.
  • Bring your laptop daily and use appropriately.  No cell phones, iPods, or other electronic devices allowed without permission.

Missing / Late Work

Homework or in-class work will be accepted for 60% of its original value starting after the work has been collected in class until the day of the exam or assessment for that unit.  After the test or assessment has been given, no work from that unit will be accepted for credit.

Arrange for assignments ahead of time for preplanned absences and college visits.  Parents may contact their student’s guidance counselor to collect homework for missed days.  Students are responsible for keeping up with assignments, which will be posted on Blackboard. In true emergent situations, it is important for the student to contact me about potential accommodations.

OSS: All students receiving OSS are expected to communicate with teachers, use blackboard and keep up with the learning in class. Students must turn in all assignments the day they return to school from OSS or it will be considered late. Students will have 3 days upon their return to make up any missed tests. A 1% deduction in final semester grade will be assessed for each day of OSS incurred during the semester.

Plagiarism & Cheating

Do not do it.  In cases of plagiarism or cheating, the student will receive zero credit for the assignment.


To encourage effective note-taking and provide motivation for keeping up with the assigned readings, students may be quizzed over the reading assignments.  Students will be able to utilize their notes on quizzes.


Unit examinations will evaluate mastery of the material presented in assigned readings, in-class discussions, lectures, videos, and group activities.  Each examination may consist of a mixture of multiple choice, matching, short answer,  and free-response questions.

Grade Profile

Grading is a total summation of points for the semester.

A  100 - 90%B    89 - 80%C    79 - 70%D    69 - 60%F    59% and below


I maintain a web presence on BlackBoard where students will have access to expectations for units of study, due dates, assignments, quizzes, videos, study links, electronic textbook, & more.  Students are expected to check this site often.  

I also have a Twitter account: @FulkGov where I will sometimes send out reminders, challenges, and articles relating to government and citizenship.

With every student having a computer, we will experiement with various technologies throughout the year to find tools that effectively prepare students for the course and for life skills.

Syllabus Confirmation

Make sure student is logged into Google account to complete the Syllabus Confirmation.

Liberty North Mission Statement

Liberty North High School faculty and staff are dedicated to developing students into analytical, knowledgeable, and compassionate adults by encouraging them to take risks, by providing relevant opportunities for problem-solving, and by creating a safe and respectful community of diverse learners. Through following our mission, we equip our students with the skills, mindset, and motivation necessary to achieve their goals and to strive for excellence both as individuals and in common.

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