Prince Charming

9/3/15 week 7 Cinderella

Dear prince Charming
How dare you steal my glass slipper! You tricked me to marrying you! You stole my glass slipper and got away with it! You treat me like a maid and never let me eat with you or your family. You put me in a barn and make me sleep on a hay bed while you get a whole king size bed to yourself! You're worse then my revolting ugly sisters!

You stole my glass slipper, and I DON’T LIKE IT! I was drying my feet on the grass to get rid of the sweat on my feet! When I look back, I see you walking in the opposite direction. I know this because my sister’s told me, my sister’s are bad but not that bad. You should be charged of theith for stealing my glass slipper! You are definitely not a kind caring person, but a horrible thief.

You treat me like a twit and make me work in the kitchen. I have made you food for you every night since I married you. I except the fact that my cook delicious, but after I’ve made dinner for you, you don’t even let me eat with you! You always say when I ask you to sit with you, you always say” It’s only for the royal family”. I am Definitely not you little maid!

You get luxury I get dirt. At night you don’t even let me sleep with in the same room as you! While I’m stuck with the itchy bed on the floor of a horrible smelling room. While you on the other hand gets a massive king size bed, and the biggest room in the castle! I am getting treated like a souvent, you must not care about me!

You steal my stuff. You don’t let me eat with you or your family. You act like I’m your royal servant. You make me sleep in a horrible bedroom. You must really hate me! You are the most, annoying, horrible, monster in all the land. That is why I am writing to you from the other side of the country.
Sincerely Cinderella

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