1984 Reading Log
Jack Murphy

Part I Sections 1 & 2

Winston is starting to have mixed feelings about the party. His faith in Big Brother is shaken when he buys a diary to record his thoughts. Without thinking he mindlesslywrites "DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER" multiple times all the way down the page. He is only starting to break the mind control he has been put under for so long, he realizes that being free might be better.

“The horrible thing about the Two Minutes Hate was not that one was obliged to act a part, but that it was impossible to avoid joining in. Within thirty seconds any pretence was always unnecessary" (Orwell 26).

What is The Party's main goal when playing Two Minutes Hate?

What are the telescreens meant to symbolize?

Learning Station #5

Sebastian Anvari-

-licks his lips a lot

- yawned four times

-cracks fingers multiple times

-fixes his hair more than usual

-confused about which activity he is doing

-very excited about Dr. Oz facelift

-surprised about Ellen's new look

Sebastian must not of gotten very much sleep last night because he yawned four times within the five minutes that I was observing him. He was probably in a rush this morning because he continually tried to perfect his hair and has been licking his lips trying to moisten their dryness. When he woke up he probably didn't have time to grab his Chapstick before he ran out the door. When Sebastion talks in his group he gets a little nervous which causes him to mindlessly crack his fingers. His ability to stay focused gets questioned whenever he opens his iPad and sees adds about Dr. Oz.

Watching Sebastion was a creepy experience. He started looking at me questionably after about three minutes. Watching someone for so long and examining their habits seemed violating to their personal space.

Part 1 Sections 3-6

The Party is trying to inverterate Newspeak into the citizen's minds. Their trenchant efforts are driven by the need to brain wash their entire population. They want to quell all sorts of imagination and opinions. Opinions are the only thing that could cause their mighty empire to fall. BB's biggest goal is to make self thought irrelevant. He wants all of his desires to be indelibley branded into the minds of all the people who work underneath him. To take over the world BB needs an entire army of robots who are incapable of feelings and are all on the same page about everything.

Part 1 Section 7-8

1) How does the party maintain control over the population in Oceania?

2) To whom does Winston say he is writing his diary for?

3) Why was Winston so interested in the old man in the pub?

Winston tells the reader who is writing his diary to when he says, "[Winston] tried to think of O’Brien, for whom, or to whom, the diary was written," (Orwell 133). Winston writes to O'Brian because he is the only one whom Winston trusts with this information. Anyone else would of instantly turned Winston into the thought police, but O'Brian also understands the need to fight the dictatorship that Oceania is living under.

Part 2 Sections 1-3

Both Winston and Julia regard themselves as rebels. They both see the unfairness in the Party and want to be able to live their life in a manner in which they are in control. Their relationship is their little utopia inside a larger distopia. The two of them gain pleasure in displeasing the party. The couple's relationship is described by the narrator when he says, “Their embrace had been a battle, the climax a victory. It was a blow struck against the Party. It was a political act" (Orwell 162). When they meet they are rebelling against the Party. It's their own way of fighting the values that the Party preaches so heavily upon. Disobeying Big Brother excites Winston and Julia. The risks that they are taking keep their spirits alive and gives them something to believe in after being oppressed for so long.

BB Slogan Posters

This poster's goal is to convince kids to join the spy's. The biggest picture has "NOTHING TO FEAR" written across the top; if you obey Big Brother and his command you shouldn't have to worry about vaporization. The smaller words in the lower left hand corner give another reminder to stop the thought crimes. Big Brother is smart enough to do all of the thinking for you, he's actually do Oceania a favor.

Part 2 Sections 4-8

Section 4- "It's a message from a thousand years ago, if anyone knew how to read it" (Orwell 302).

Section 5- "They simply swallowed everything, and what they swallowed did them no harm,  because it left no residue behind, just as a grain of corn will pass undigestided through the body of a bird" (Orwell 324).

Section 6- "What was happening was only the working-out f a process that had started years ago" (Orwell 330).

Section 7- "They can make you say -anything- but they can't make you believe it" (Orwell 344).

Section 8- "You will work for a while, you will be caught, and then you will die" (Orwell 363).

Panel Theme Summary

Doublespeak and euphemisms are ideas used by people and organizations all over the world. Most of the time agencies are taking words like retarded that have negative connotations; and swapping them out with mentally challenged which has a more positive connotation in the public's mind. Sometimes doublespeak is used to divert the attention of the audience. An individual can speak for ten minutes about any topic using high complex vocabulary that confuses the audience. In the end the audience would be too confused to undertand anything the speaker was referring to or even understand the broader message.

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