The Glass Castle




Forgiveness is the most important theme in the novel. Each character has a part in the story where they have to forgive each other. Mom and Dad neglect their children, and at first all of the children don't realize it and always forgive there parents for there actions. As the children grow older though, they start to realize that their parents dont' deserve to be forgiven.


Every time that the family did a "skiddadle", the kids and the mom had to leave a lot of memorable items behind. A lot of times they didn't have the money to get things that they would want. Rex, the dad always promised the kids that he was going to build them a glass castle, and he never did. The most disappointing thing that happened, was whenever the dad would promise that he was going to stop drinking and he never did. I think that the main reason that the family was disappointed was because of the dads drinking.



At the beginning of the story, Jeannette was on her way to a party as she saw her mom digging in a dumpster. Jeanette has not seen her mom in a long time and tried to avoid her. She just felt bad for not being able to do anything for her parents when she has tried countless times.


As Jeanette sees her mother digging through the dumpster, it brings up a series of flashbacks from her childhood. The flashbacks consist of the desert, Welch, New York, and Thanksgiving.


Jeanette, Lori, and Brian all move to New York. After a while, their parents and little sister, Maureen, move to New York also. Maureen becomes mentally insane and the family argues who's fault it is that she is that way.


Maureen comes back from California, stabs mom, and stays at an upstate hospital where she remains for a year.


At the end, Rex dies. Jeanette has been remarried to a guy named John. John decided to have the Walls over for thanksgiving. Brian is divorced but shows up with an eight year old daughter. Both mom and Lori show up without Maureen. Maureen is still in California and keeping in touch with mom.



Jeanette is the narrator in the story. She is very smart and tries to overcome the poverty that she endures as a child. We see her earliest memory from her being three years old.

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