I had a sudden change of heart whilst writing this:)

Maybe I'll just cut once more

Have one more slice

Fall to the floor

Maybe then

Someone will see

All this pain

And misery

That's in my body

Bottled up

Leading to

These extra cuts

Maybe when

I'm gone from life

They'll see my pain

Gone from the knife

But maybe I

Will cause more pain

And trigger someone

Once again

Maybe my best

And closest friend

Will think this is too

For her the end

Maybe my family

Will become depressed

My brother struggles

To do his best

Now do you see

The bigger story

Of what could happen

If I win my glory

Glory for one

Is hell for another

Like my justice

Is the end for my brother

People have fights

And people regret

But there's always tomorrow

To forgive and forget

Maybe I have

A point to share

We can save lives

If we show we care...