My Ink Scape Character


  • My project is a silly face. No i just watch the tutorial It was my first  so i wanted to keep it simple. Plus i didn't know how to do much with ink scape .I believe if i knew how to do more on ink scape i would when i do learn more i will make a another one


  • First i started with a circle then i used circles to make my eyes,ears teeth with the eye brows i maid little ovals above the eye .Making the mouth ......I had a problem when i had to make little ovals in the face mouth .When i had an problem i would watch the tutorial until i get it or i would   Asked John


  • My next would be to make a cool game on scratch . what i like best was making the silly face i like making that best because it was very simple and it was on my level as a beginner. i would make it better by trying and make it more Detailed with more expression to the face and possibly make the face make different emotions

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