The reason why I love the Big Wild Goose Pagoda

As a Malaysian Chinese, I was brought up to learn traditional Chinese culture by elders of our big family, I had been interested in Chinese culture when i was a little boy, and looked forward to visit China. From last year, I had made a plan to go China after graduating from college. Though I made the Beijing as my first destination formally, but finally I came to Xi’an for some unanticipated reasons. I have to admit Xi’an really fascinate me, I have fall in love with this ancient city now, Big Wild Goose Pagoda is my favorite one, especially the Northern Square and fantastic fountain show.
The reason why I love the Big Wild Goose Pagoda mostly is here are more sites than other scenic spots to visited. As the symbol of this ancient city - Xi’an, it is a must-see scenic spot. Before I visited to the Pagoda, I had searched some info about background story from the internet for enjoying its charm more to my heart’s content. The long story behind the pagoda is a good guide book to make the most of your visit. The square in front of the Pagoda was very busy with lunchtime visitors but inside it was not that busy. It is worth hearing the modern history about why the pagoda is leaning I think.
There are various Buddha statues still used today for blessing / prayer and the graveyard (a series of small pagodas set to the side of the site), one of the most famous is Xuanzang statue located in the south of square. For this square and garden is free for locals, the pagoda it was a good way to pass an hour or so and appreciate the craftsmanship and beauty of the place, so there are many people you would see at night though you visit it during the off-season.
At night, the area around the Big Goose Pagoda is covered in all kinds of lights. With brilliant lights blazing everywhere, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda Square looked very magnificent. At 20: 30 there is a wonderful fountain show in the square which is the the largest musical fountain plaza in Asia. The central area of the square is full of different shapes of fountain sprays showing 22 matrix patterns, the Some are particularly designed with advanced science and technology, including the lotuses, hundred-meter running spring, sea of clouds, flying gulls, sixty-meter-high water column and the laser water curtain. The big wild goose pagoda fountain show is worth watching, but If you go there in winter, be prepared for cold weather as it takes 30minutes for the show to end.


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