E.B. White


E.B. White Is witty, a go getter and emotional.

E.B. White shows his thoughtfulness through his writing and his devotion in his work and school. He started writing once he could spell. Quote from Favorite Children's Authors And Illustrators Volume 6 " I was no good at drawing, so I used words instead." E.B. White. He finished high school and then want on to finish college at Cornell University. He loved animals as shown in his children books like Charlottes Web, Stuart Little, and The Trumpet Of The Swan. He was born in Mount Vernon, New York in 1899.  He passed away in 1985 because of Alzheimer's. He was well respected, often described  as quite and shy, but in his head would be brainstorming ideas for books or essays. for his books he tried to look at life through an animals perspective, and he was very good with personification. Over all Elwyn Brooks (E.B.) White was very talented and skilled. All facts from Favorite Children's Authors And Illustrators Volume 6.  

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