Local and Gobal weather patterns

What is wind
Earth's surface is made out of various
land,water formation's.Wind is made out-
of air,water vapor.Wind's speedcan go really-
slow or really fast.

What is sea breeze?
Air above is heated by raditation by the sun.
The sun exapands and rises It begins to get


What is a Land Breeze?

Land breeze occurs at night time.Land cools faster
on the surface where the water rises
in the cooler land surface

What is the Jet Stream?
The jet stream is a fast flowing river.The jet stream forms at the boundaries.

What are gobal weather patterns?
The equator get's the ray's from
the sun's direction.Air is heates
and rises,leaves low pressure behind.

What are previlling Westeries?
Wind's are named from the direction
the wind blowing toward us.Northen-
Hemisphere is responible for the United-
States and Canada.

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