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Kerrang Magazine

Tone: The tone used here is bright, colourful and friendly. Instead of alienating rock fans, it brings them together through their various genres/sub genres. Pop Punk, Metal and Rock listeners won't feel divided as Kerrang caters to them all.

Style: A very laid back style is used in Kerrang Magazine - This is music reported in an enjoyable way. It drifts between formal and informal but never loses the friendly, colourful tone that I described earlier. You can tell that everyone who works on the magazine enjoys their work and puts their own spin on the style.

Language: The language used in Kerrang Magazine is aimed towards the teenage/young adult music fans. Easy to understand but refused to be dumbed down. Anyone over the age of fourteen will be able to pick up an issue with ease whilst older readers won't feel insulted. The language is balanced enough to appeal to almost anyone.

Imagery - The imagery used in kerrang magazine can only be described as explosive. Posters of bands, blocks of colour, bright pictures and letters are used to attract the audience. I think this imagery is used to persuade the reader as they run into new bands or events. Giving them information and making them feel closer to those artists.

Layout: Two pages of the magazine are usually devoted to an interview based around the chosen musician. They tend to be splashed with matching colours (three to several) which draw people into reading that article. Other pages may be slightly messier but only to suit the purpose of coverage. Band Pictures can be displayed haphazidly - but used in this context, seem creative and fit that purpose. Whilst an interview is slightly more formal and follows a certain pattern of question and answer.

Presentation: Kerrang is organised when required. It's presentation can only be described as inviting.

Content: The content of the magazine varies: from interviews to recommended songs. Contests and Competitions, Gigs and Music Festivals are all taken into account. Band merchandise is displayed, feedback on live shows is covered and everything musical can be found within these pages.

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