The Effects Of Rape and Helping Victims Heal

Natalie Manning
Jessica Horne
November 1, 2013

My graduation product was to help rape victims by volunteering at a local rape crisis center, as well as coordinating a drive for items and clothing that the shelter is in need of. Here is my product approval form.

Product Drive For the Rape Crisis Center-My Sister's House

The rape crisis center in my area is called My Sister's House. It is a shelter for women who have experienced trauma and abuse, as well as a place that provides help for rape victims in need of support. I coordinated a product drive for the women, and with the help of my school and community, I was able to accumulate over 140 items on their wish list.

Clothing Drive and Volunteer Work

The rape crisis center was in need of more than just products. They also needed clothes for the sheltered women and their children. I conducted a clothes drive and I donated to the My Sister's House resale store, A Second Season. This thrift store provides the victims with gently used clothes. I also volunteered at the store to help out the rape crisis center, and I will continue to do so in the future.


In conclusion, I feel that my product has made a difference in the lives of the rape victims that are sheltered by My Sister's House. I really enjoyed volunteering for the shelter and I will continue to volunteer in the future. Hopefully I can volunteer with the children and women at the actual shelter and help My Sister's House with upcoming events. Victims of rape need to feel supported and I found a passion for helping them. With my product drive and clothes drive, as well as volunteering my time, these women felt the support of our community during their rough time.

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