By:Fabrizia Nigro Resendez

I choose this career because i feel that music feels what i feel and i can put my thoughts into a song.

A music producer's celery can range from $20k to over $1million per year.

Requirements to becoming a music producer.

1.Learn an instrument ex:piano

2.Master the technology ex:sound board

3.Know the basics of mixing ex:mix a track

4.Become a student of music ex:take your scholarship seriously

5.Think about what sounds will fit good together ex:exploring the way that different sounds interact

6.Create some music ex:do whatever feels best

7.Rework an old favorite ex:take a known song and give it your own flavor

8.Collaborate with other music producers

The business of producing.

1.Start networking

2.Get an internship at a production company

3.Get an education

4.Save up money

Music career requirements.

Music is an ever expanding career field, integrating new technology with centuries old tradition. People with a passion for making, performing, or recording music have board choices today. Career requirements vary broadly within the music professions. It takes dedication and discipline to build a successful music career.

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2 years ago

I choose a music career because i feel like music is in my bones its what i was born to do.